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    • I stopped to watch people around me were many: high, low, lean, robust, white, black, but none of that mattered to me. I was looking for within each one of that feeling that many say they have felt, but I do not. What was that? Why does everyone feel, and I do not? I did not know. I tried, I tried and nothing. I looked at the couples embracing, entwining, seeking the warmth between them. But ultimately, what it was that they had, they felt, or even tried? Muiots say is something warm, pure joy that makes our days more joyful and happy. However, from nothing, can change lives and transform it into a simple sea of ​​sorrow and anguish. Maybe he did not know what it was, and knew, too, wanted to know if this emotion. It would be afraid of suffering or just afraid? But suddenly, something came up inside me. It was the feeling. From that moment, repeated several times: yes, I felt, I felt! Then I also met the downside of that feeling, something inside me was gone. A hole appeared in my chest, and stayed there. So, I found that, though good and bad at the same time, if not to be, will not. I also discovered that what I felt was called LOVE. In the end, I realized that the tears that flowed down our faces, because of it, disappears. But the one that flows within us, not some. It is a wound of bitter taste, but it gives us each a teaching experience that may, without it, could never acquire.

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legal, interessante e bonito

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-Simbolo -

??? obrigado(thank you but  i just speak portuguese and english )

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Mande “ ┼ ” que vou dizer 3 coisas sobre seu tumblr. 

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[…] Não me dou muito bem com as palavras, principalmente quando você está por perto, eu fico assim sem jeito, perdida no brilho de teus olhos lindos e acabo esquecendo o que eu passei horas e horas em frente ao espelho ensaiando para lhe dizer, e é neste momento que nossos olhares se conversam e nossos lábios se chamam e enfim se tocam, fazendo assim das palavras algo desnecessário. (mvesp)

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